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The Strokz is an organization focused on the real and updated technical development.It challenges the undergraduate and diploma engineering students to research and develop innovative projects, inspires them to think out of the box, as imagination encircles the world. This gives a golden chance to students to work in their interests  to prove themselves to be the best. Theoretical knowledge very much differs with practical orientation. We build the gap, which connects the imagination of students to real engineering.  Future of the country is highly dependent on the students , so nurturing them is the actual need of the hour
Problem Statement
We Solve the Problem by Removing the limits, Let Them Integrate Indefinitely , have their own Constants and Variables , because Every problem is Different and can be solved in Different ways .The Strokz is one of the best platform for the engineering/diploma students to develop Hands on practical skills. We believe in “Study, Work and Operate “.


Every year lakhs of the Students choose engineering career and pursuing B.Tech but during 4 years program many of them only learn theoretical and scored good percentage but at the time of placement they are reject in interview by top MNCs Company because of they only know theoretical concept but how these concept actually work in practically they don’t know and blame to itself and college. So it’s time to Stop Blaming and thinks about it.

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  • Hands -On Training
  • Getting into unknown concept
  • Real time Calculations.
  • Frame work on Product
  • Modelling out the 3-D Design
  • Simulation and Analysis of the product
  • Parameter Observation
  • Filling Up Industrial Requirement

3D Printing


All lesson plans include fully editable teaching and learning resources such as power points, lesson worksheet tasks with accompanying answer sheets, homework tasks with answer sheets, design challenges, video tutorials and assessments with example to 3D print to support the delivery of the curriculum. The design challenges are differentiated to allow all students to be challenged in lesson regardless of their ability. Students will learn 3D CAD and how to create their own models as part of the curriculum. There are over 190 lesson resources published that allow the lessons to be taught straight ‘out of the box’ with minimal planning needed.


“It was full time joy , with hands on Experience .”

I had gone with a Pre-thought of just practical experience , but the training proved lot more than that.
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our motto

Its Simple , to make the Student to involve work operate and make  your hands dirty  ,  Instead of being spectators. 

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Engineers Quote

“Your Body is the Engine , your Brain is the Engineer “

– Cristy Dowson

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